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Mark, do not worry, to eat with moderation nut products, if you try to heal bone or cavities. Meals are generally in favor of roasted nuts, rather thick, unless you are ready for the sauce as roast improves the digestibility. Pythagoruz, great, I love crab. Homertobias, went back and saw that Mellanby compiled on the original data for this graph, I posted (BMJ 1932 1: 507). There are no statistics on the subject, and not the data, without any further processing. We can not assume that it is statistically significant, nor we can assume that it is not. However, it provides data from all 8 their dietary interventions. The results are very consistent between groups of similar foods. Without vitamin D, the normal diet of vitamin D, fought by a wide margin. The regime of grain not vitamin D all beat other diets vitamin D (5) by a factor of three, taking into account the number of new cavities form. There is a big difference. In fact a little form new regime beads were cavity D Mellanby new aspects to the development in the period of only 0, rotten food. 05 per child as best previous result 0 2 for each child [including 7 tests]. The digit 0 05 is so small that it falls into the error rate for this kind of observation that is likely and new caries can be considered, therefore be removed. I agree that it is possible, that a statistical served as possible. To assess this possibility, we must see whether it with other data in the literature agree. Mellanby called published a compilation of his comprehensive research on the production of rickets, dogs and phytates cal (J. 1949 physiol. 109: 488). Test without the slightest doubt, that phytic acid is reduced to normal levels of food, BMD in dogs, including vitamin D. It is the result of dozens of experiments, which mutually reinforce each other and are very sure that decreasing phytic acid bone mineral density and absorption of minerals in dogs. Dr. Mayo Mellanby published a series of studies that show that the same is true for dogs teeth. Dogs are not so much phytic acid as a human being, to shoot down. Rats are about 30 X the Phytase in their gut as humans, so they extract minerals from can better seeds and may not be used to study the effect of phytic acid on human health. Mineral bone is especially calcium and phosphorus and phytic acid inhibits the absorption of the two. The effect on calcium is varies, but it is more pronounced in the game. Phytic acid inhibits the absorption of magnesium, a factor for bone health. OK, so I studied his studies with dogs that are pleasant to the controlled studies in humans. Always controlled priority for the reasons that Robert M, was often a comparison of apples and oranges in observational studies, studies a observations. People with higher intakes of Kalziumphytat people, the whole grains are eating. You are also those, who smoke less, more, more sun is better economically, reverse your diabetes today pdf etc, you can check incorrectly all this. The trial version of DART, which examines the impact of increasing wheat fibers (hence PA) the only human-controlled study on survival, turned out to be replace with whole grains causing refined a tendency to the increase in the mortality rate. It is in contrast to many observational studies. My opinion, observational studies are not correct on the control for this reason. I'm going to review the evidence on it. Believe the idea that phytic acid bone health can promote is difficult too mechanistic. How would a substance, the absorption of bone building minerals inhibits bone health?Mainly rodents, secreting Phytase are data link with reduced colonic carcinogenesis. No human studies has been carried out, controlled and observational data are warm (ex: PMID 8707094). The waffles are adapted to eat the seeds and then try to get rid of PA enzymatic digestion in the intestine to absorb minerals. I don't understand why if it was beneficial. Unfortunately people don't have been eating large amounts of seeds for long enough, to compensate for our production of Phytase, then to imitate things like a sourdough beads, what to do rats naturally in your gut do and,.